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CCFIT Term Time Class Timetable

Introducing New Early Morning Express Classes
6am-6.30am to motivate you to reach your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home.

Pay As You Go CCFIT Live Online Classes are available to book 24 hours in advance. To book, please see BOOKINGS Page.

Class Schedule

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Strength in Body & Mind



Tracey Unwin

I signed up to Claire's Lockdown Programme in March and haven't missed a session. The classes and communication have been my sanity and my routine. I've enjoyed the challenge and seen progress on my goals. Claire's knowledge, motivation and energy are inspiring! Who would have thought my lockdown achievement would include a 5 minute plank! Thanks Claire

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Lupe Gilbey

I've been training with Claire Carty for many years at the gym, as a PT client and more recently I followed her online programme during Lockdown 2020. She's very motivating and dedicated, always manages to push me further even when I think I've reached my mark. Her knowledge, energy and ethos is inspirational.

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Nic Lawman

Claire is an inspiration! She listens to your goals and encourages you to make them happen. She's hard working and goes above and beyond. She gave me the motivation to get back to my pre-baby weight with baby no. 1 and has now done it with baby no. 2. I would highly recommend Claire as a PT, her online training, nutritional advice and fabulous words of wisdom. Put the effort in and you'll see results! 100%! And drink your water!


Louise Norman

Claire Carty has been my instructor for around 10 years and when lockdown happened I was lost without my daily routine and trips to the gym. I was so pleased to find that Claire had managed to adapt her sessions and hold them as live online classes in a way that makes it feel (almost) like you are in the gym! Claire's encouragement spurs me on to do my best, try harder to achieve my goals, even via ZOOM - as a result I've maintained my weight and strength despite the Covid situation. Thank you Claire - without your smiley face, encouragement and love for resistance bands, lockdown would have been unbearable! I am definitely keeping my lounge/gym routine as the world returns to normal.


Dr Shelley Young-Kong
Vitality Chiropratic Clinic

Claire has supported, encouraged and cajoled my parents away from their sedentary lifestyle into exercise. With careful consideration, patience and a fun, cheery approach, Claire adapts equipment and routines; ensuring each one is appropriate to their individual ability and personality. My parents have thrived both mentally and physically with regular sessions. Every family should have a Claire to get them moving.

'It is exercise alone that supports the spirits and keeps the mind in vigor' - Marcus Tulles Cicero


My plan was to become an A-level English and PE teacher as I love reading and I have always been into sport and fitness - I wanted a career that would combine both aspects. After completing my degree in English & Sports Science my boyfriend at the time (now husband) made a flippant comment that I was always at the gym, so why didn't I train to become a fitness instructor? So I did. I trained in Central London and became a YMCA L2 Exercise to Music instructor and fell in love with teaching fitness. For the last 16 years I have trained and qualified in everything from GP referral and working with older adults to Crossfit. I don't believe in a 'one size fits all approach' and therefore will incorporate Pilates movements into a Kettlebell class and Meditation into a HIIT class. I love variety and value consistency but I don't adhere to labels. I want the body to move, but most importantly it needs to 'feel' right - the rest is just fun! I regularly tell people I have the best job in the world and lockdown has both challenged and invigorated me and I'm looking forward to the next creative chapter online.


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