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A selection of classes adapted from my most popular studio classes that I have taught in leisure centres and health clubs for over 15 years. Please note that I will give options and alternatives for minor injuries but these sessions are designed for participants who are experienced in training in a class format and do not have any underlying health conditions or major injuries. If in doubt, please contact me.


One of my most popular studio classes adapted to take place in the comfort of your own home. You will need light hand weights (I recommend 1-2kg) or simply fill up 2 water bottles. In 45 minutes we will complete a full body workout starting with standing exercises: squats, lunges and balance work incorporating upper body exercises, followed by floor work for toning the abdominals.


A low impact toning class adapted from one of my old school classes 'Legs, Bums & Tums.' During this session we focus heavily on toning the thighs and really working the glutes. The movements look very easy but when you add resistance bands into the equation, it gets pretty tough! I highly recommend purchasing a pack of loop resistance bands for this class, although all movements can be done without bands.


Don't be put off by the title as I programme this class into Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced exercise options so you can get a decent workout despite your current fitness levels. All of the exercises can be completed with just your bodyweight and no equipment, but if you have hand weights or resistance bands please utilise them. Please note this class is not suitable for pregnancy.

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