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CCFIT Spring Newsletter 2023

Spring Newsletter

Happy 3 Year Anniversary of CCFIT Online. Who knew that in the madness of Lockdown that a few Zoom classes to keep my PT clients fit whilst being stuck at home would have turned into this? Teaching online has been one of the most challenging and equally rewarding things I have ever done in my 18 year fitness career and I am hugely grateful to everyone who has supported me along this journey. It’s so inspiring to have a group of like-minded women who take on board all of the information I share via ‘story time with Claire’. My App members get to join my 'Podcasts of the Week' group which contains some of my favourite informative conversations about optimising health. My Book Club group is a great tool to access what everyone is reading and share some great information and articles to optimise your well-being. My healthy eating group has lots of quick, convenient and healthy meals for all the family to enjoy. Through my advice on optimising your health during perimenopause and menopause, CCFIT members have significantly reduced their alcohol intake, some have successfully gone alcohol free, many have made positive changes to reduce their family’s processed sugar intake and their aesthetics have definitely improved from the awful Pilates ring and dreaded ankle weights (that they all secretly love). Once again, thank you for trusting me and investing in all of the equipment which is hidden behind your sofas! The work you are doing now to gain muscle mass and joint mobility is like putting money in the bank for your future: Your Health is Your Wealth. Well done for putting in the consistent work, especially the 6am Crew who have been waking up in the dark winter months to get their workout in before they go to work. You really do inspire me to do more. THANK YOU.

Easter Timetable My 2 Week Eater Timetable will run from Monday 3rd April to Friday 15th April. You have the option to PAYG by booking your class directly through the App or on Alternatively, you can join the all access class pass of 10 classes for £15. Please contact me directly to be put in the class pass group. Class Pass members will be put in a private group within the App. I will be sharing my journey of whether it is possible to have a Sugar Free Easter whilst indulging in some tempting healthy treats without spiking my blood glucose levels…

6 Weeks Spring Timetable

This programme will start on Monday 17th April and run until 27th May.

The focus of this programme will be toning the triceps, shoulders and gaining definition in the upper body and torso. The all access class pass will be £50 or alternatively, you can attend the classes via booking on or via the App. *Please note there are 2 Bank Holidays in this timetable and there will be only 1 class running. Advance notice: I will be taking May Half Term off, but will start the Summer Programme on 5th June.

New Grow Your Own Gardening Group I have started a new ‘Grow Your Own’ Gardening Club where I will be posting videos on how to grow your own healthy, nutritious, organic food. The first video has already been uploaded on ‘How to create your own Salad Bar’. March: Grow Your Own Salad & Herb Bar April: Grow your own Potatoes May: Grow your own Strawberries Bonus video: Grow your own Tomatoes In a few weeks you can be reaping the benefits of growing your own food by picking and serving healthy, home grown produce. Now is the perfect time to get started and get your children involved. If interested, the group is located within the App. Scroll across the top toolbar to GROUPS, then scroll down until you see the Gardening Group to view the content. Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy Spring.

Personal Training Sessions Now Available

In January I started a 3 year Naturopathic Nutrition course with the College of Naturopathic Medicine, which has allowed me to make some changes to my schedule. I now have Personal Training slots available in my fully equipped home gym throughout Spring and Summer if you are looking for some extra motivation or want a boost for summer. Please contact me if you have any questions about Personal Training.

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